Stuff We Like :: 12.22.17

Happy Holidays! The offices of HSL will be closed for the next two weeks — which is a fancy way of saying I will be taking a little family vacation! Posts will go up as usual, but I will have limited access to email and messages, so thanks in advance for your patience.


around the web

Is Sherlock Holmes actually Henry David Thoreau?

Another feminist biography I need, stat: Ada Blackjack was the only survivor of a 1921 Arctic expedition. (She’d signed onto the expedition as a seamstress because it paid a generous salary that would allow her to finally pay for medical care for her ill son.)

Women’s fight against sexual harassment started long before Twitter. (No wonder we’re all so tired of it!)

A pretty disturbing look at the cost and success of SCAD.


at home/school/life

on the blog: We rounded up our must-have games for holiday playing.

one year ago: Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite holiday posts from years past. (I still love our No-Stuff Gift Guide!)

two years ago: Making your wellness a priority

three years ago: How second chances free us up for real learning


reading list

My favorite gift so far: Julia Turshen’s Feed the Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved

Our current readaloud: One Mixed-Up Night, in which two kids run away to Ikea (instead of to the Metropolitan Museum of Art) — it’s fun, and the friendship is sweet, but when did we become people who would rather go to Ikea than a museum?

Suzanne swears that Angela Thirkell makes everything better, so I am going all in, starting with Christmas at High Rising, which is apparently a collection of short stories, which suits my current attention span just fine.


at home

I did not have my act together for the holidays, but we whipped up a giant batch of fig and ginger granola that ended up being a hit, so yay! My kids gave their friends copies of Ed Emberley’s Complete Funprint Drawing Book and a set of stamp pads. And I’m giving myself a holiday Negroni.