Stuff We Like :: 10.6.17

It’s definitely one of those thank-goodness-it’s-Friday Fridays!


Around the web

Living the dream: “I Ate Hundreds of Bowls of Queso and Somehow Lost 10 Pounds” 

Why we should care about the end of Indian Country Today

Your kids should definitely enter the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival. (At least browse some of the previous years’ entries—some of them are awesome.)

I love this little essay on all the reasons one writer loves Latin.


At home/school/life

on the podcast: Suzanne and I literally dusted off our headsets to make a new episode of the Podcast with Suzanne and Amy. Look for it this weekend!

in the magazine: The fall issue is out next week! The Best Cities issue always seems to be a doozy of an issue to wrap up, but it always feels particularly satisfying to officially be done with it.

on the blog: What do you do when you hit a middle school math slump? (Start by recognizing that this happens for almost every student.)

one year ago: Shelli’s Bugs in Our Backyard citizen science project

two years ago: Rebecca’s review of History Odyssey


Reading List

My humanities class is reading Timaeus for the history of science, and we are having the best conversations around it.

I always so happy when I have an Official Reason to reread Pride and Prejudice. This is—gosh, it must be something like the twentieth time I’ve read it, and it still always feels to me like the Mary Poppins of books: Practically Perfect in Every Way.

I lucked into an advance copy of the English translation of the Dutch book The Song of Seven, which is playful, whimsical, philosophical, and pretty much all the things I like in a middle grades/late elementary-ish book. I especially like that the protagonist-hero of the story is harried school teacher who has to feel guilty for missing grammar lessons to save the day—maybe that part just feels particularly relevant to my life right now, but I am really looking forward to reviewing it closer to its February release date. 


At home

It’s my best friend’s birthday this week, and I am so excited that I found the perfect t-shirt to give her this year. (We read Siddhartha for our student book club, and this happens to be all her favorite colors.)

I am in the market for more slow cooker recipes. If you have a favorite, please share! I’m terrible about pulling out the slow cooker, but it’s turning out to be a life-saver on the days when I get home right at dinner time.

I am determined to finish knitting my socks before cold weather hits, but I am definitely cutting it close on that one!