Stuff We Like :: 10.13.17

Happy Friday the 13th!

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Yikes, this sounds eerily familiar: The new midlife crisis

And possibly related: We talk about the inequity of pay for men versus women (not as much as we should, but we talk about it), but we don’t talk enough about the inequity of emotional labor.

I think we all know that I am always going to read accounts of writers snarking about other writers. (In this installment, Hans Christian Andersen is a TERRIBLE house guest, according to Dickens.)

Tough week? I bet you’ll feel a little better after Idris Elba reads you a bedtime story.


at home/school/life

on the podcast: There’s finally a new episode! We’re talking about finding new rhythms, juggling work and homeschooling, Ancillary Justice, and more.

in the magazine: I promise the fall issue will be available soon! 

on the blog: I loved doing homeschool makeovers, and this one—helping a mom figure out a way to schedule part-time work into her homeschool schedule—was one of my favorites.

one year ago: At home with the editors: Our order of things

two years ago: Teaching the solar system in elementary school

three years ago: How to talk about homeschooling so people will listen


Reading List

Suzanne and I are reading The Rabbit Back Literature Society for the next episode of the podcast, mostly because Suzanne says it’s a combination of Twin Peaks and the Moomins. Who can resist that? (You should read it with us if you want to!)

I’m rereading The World’s Religions for the secular world religions class I’m co-teaching with my friend Shelly. (She covers the Asian religions, I’m jumping in next week with the Abrahamic ones.) I think this is a great resource for studying world religions because it includes Confucianism, which doesn’t always seem to get included in collections of world religions and which can start such interesting conversations about what a religion has to include to be considered a religion. Plus, I mean, who doesn’t like Confucius?

My 4th grader and I are starting The Book of Three together—he sat in when I was reading it with his sister, but he doesn’t remember much. (He was two!) I’m hoping he loves it—I feel like this series could be right up his alley.


At Home

True story: There is absolutely no balance in my life right now, and it’s driving me crazy. Either the house is not an insane mess, the children are actually getting some quality homeschool time, or I am actually on top of my work—never more than one of those at a time, though! I’m hoping things settle down soon.