52 Weeks of Happier Homeschooling Week 14: Give Your Space a Lift

week 14.jpg

If you’re easing back into your routine post-holidays, one of the best ways to get everyone excited about back-to-everyday-life is to give your learning space a little makeover. This doesn’t have to mean painting and building bookshelves (though, gosh, wouldn’t that be nice?). Instead, focus on a few little changes that make your space more fun to use. Pick up a couple of fun new posters for the wall. Set up a reading corner with a comfy chair and a cozy blanket. Buy a groovy lamp, and set up a special math desk. Move your books around so that your family room shelves look new and interesting. Set up an easel and art supplies in a sunny corner. Set up your telescope and hang up constellation maps. Start a giant history timeline. Move your table to a different corner. Paint your chairs a different color. Take down your curtains or hang up new ones. Put up a tent for storytime.. Start a nature table, and venture out each morning to collect treasures for it. Build a little stage with a curtain backdrop in the playroom. Hang up chalkboard panels on your walls, and pass your kids a box of colored chalk. Paint a giant mural on your family room wall. 

The idea is to make your space feel new and exciting again. By the time January rolls around, you’ve found your routine and figured out your rhythm, but you don’t want to give familiarity a chance to breed contempt. One or two little changes to the space you spend the most time in will keep things interesting.


Your challenge this week: Make an obvious change in one of your family’s learning spaces.