52 Weeks of Happier Homeschooling Week 15: Plan a Family Vacation

week 15.jpg

Here’s something nice to know: The anticipation of planning for your next vacation can give you the same mental and physical boost you get from actually taking a vacation. People may actually be happier in the weeks leading up to a holiday than they are in the weeks following one—which is the best argument we’ve heard for making vacations part of your homeschool routine.

To get maximum vacation bliss benefits, experts say you’re better off scheduling lots of small long-weekend-isn vacations throughout the year than saving up for one big multi-week holiday. Whether you’re planning an easy-on-the-budget campout (we’ve got some great starter camping tips in the summer 2016 issue of HSL) or an Airbnb city getaway for Black History Month (check out our destination list in the winter issue), collaborating with your clan to plan a long weekend getaway in the near future may be just the lift you need to get you through the mid-winter homeschool blahs. If your budget is tight, think cheap: You don’t have to travel far—or fancy—to reap vacation benefits.  Even a one-day escape can lift your spirits if you take the time to plan it and give yourself time to look forward to it.

As far as planning goes, vacation should definitely be a family project. Start an internet research campaign, and check out lots of travel guides at the library to help you plan a perfect trip. 

Your challenge this week: Come up with a doable destination you can visit sometime this winter, and start planning a trip with your kids.