Stuff We Like :: 9.9.16

You know what I like? Starting a new homeschool year. (If you listened to the not-back-to-school episode of the podcast, you know that my main goal for a new homeschool year is keeping “Absolutely no spitting. Ever” on the school rules list, and that happened, so I already feel like the 2016-17 homeschool year is a success.)


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I have been rocking some very retro wavy hair lately (I may be a little obsessed with my Beachwaver, which may be the most superficial thing I have ever admitted in a public forum—please don’t think less of me!), so this roundup of 90s TV fashion icons hit a little close to home for me. (Even though we all know that Cher Horowitz is really number one.)

One-upper parents in action, courtesy of my awesome friend Tama. I laughed so hard. (I think my favorite may be the mom who collects and bottles “the tears of pure non-vaccinated non-mainstream vegans who can’t spell the word ‘sugar.’”)

While I’m in not-back-to-school mode, here’s a roundup of great teachers in literature. (I’m so glad Professor Lupin’s on the list because I feel like he gets kind of shafted in the books once Sirius turns up.)

Just putting this out there: Study Shows People With High IQs Are Actually Happier With Less Social Interaction

Fascinating: Our brains may actually be wired to be bilingual.


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on the blog: Back-to-school season means great back-to-school posts, like this one from Shelli and  this one from Carrie. I love the reminder that the right way to homeschool is the way that works for your family!

in the magazine: Looking at pretty editions of books for our holiday gift guide is hard work, but somebody’s got to do it!

on the podcast: Suzanne and I are talking about E. Nesbit fan fiction, among other things.

one year ago: I broke both my ankles taking out the trash.

two year ago: Shelli started our Mindful Homeschool series with this lovely post on letting go of things that don’t matter


reading list

on my night table: Blackout (I picked it up when it was on sale, so of course had to reread it immediately); Rise to Rebellion (which is on our U.S. history reading list); The Book of Disquiet (which I bought many years ago and am just getting around to actually reading); UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World

on my 14-year-old’s night table: The Borrowers, Lumberjanes, Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy; The Sea of Trolls

on my 9(!)-year-old’s night table: Chi’s Sweet Home


at home

homeschooling: Even though we school year-round, I have a big soft spot for the first official day of school and a whole routine that we do every year to celebrate. I am still sort of in shock that I have a child in high school.

eating: The sticky toffee pancakes are our favorite thing to have for tea right now.

playing: Ticket to Ride

watching: Galavant, and it’s DELIGHTFUL