4 Ways to Start Your Homeschool Mornings Off Right

Great list of ideas for starting your homeschool mornings off right. We love #2!

Do you ever feel like your homeschool mornings have lost their mojo? If you’re in a morning routine rut, switching up your routine by queuing one of these activities up first on your a.m. activity list might just help you get the day off to a happier start.

Get 10 minutes of exercise before breakfast.

If your family tends to be on the same wake-up schedule, hustle everyone outside for 10 minutes of fresh air exercise—backyard jumping jacks, driveway sprints, or a few simple yoga poses all work great to prep your mind and body for the rest of the day. (If the weather is uncooperative, of course you can move your exercise indoors—but get outside when you can since the sunshine is also a mood- and productivity-booster.)

Don’t get out of bed.

If dragging out of bed is dragging everyone down, just don’t do it. Instead, start a snuggling-in tradition where everyone joins you in bed for a readaloud as they wake up. This works best if your kids keep similar schedules—or if you have a teenager who likes to sleep in and a younger kid who is ready to go, you can cuddle and read with your little one while your teen logs extra sleep time. When everyone’s awake and ready, you can finish your chapter and start the out-of-bed portion of your day. (Hey, it worked for Winston Churchill, who used to spend the first three hours of the day working from his bed.)

Have a breakfast special.

Free up mental energy and keep your cooking life simple by having a regular breakfast rotation and sticking with it. Maybe you have oatmeal with seeds and nuts on odd days and yogurt with fruit and granola on even days—the key is to keep it simple so that you already know what’s for breakfast when you wake up in the morning and don’t have to give any mental space to figuring that out.

Grab a notebook.

Sometimes, a get-it-done brain booster is the best way to start the day. A quick writing project (write a poem about spring, or make a list of issues for a worm presidential candidate, or create a villainous character) warms up the muscles in your brain and your hands.