Stuff We Like :: 10.21.16

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Fall is here! We’re trying to make the most of every minute in this gorgeous October weather.

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at home/school/life

  • on the blog: I doubt anyone will be even a little surprised that Carrie has me at Harry Potter—but her thoughts on mentoring really resonate for me when it comes to the kind of high school experience I want for my daughter.
  • one year ago: I really love this piece from Tracy on staying connected as your kids move into the more independent teen years.
  • two years ago: Shelli muses on how homeschooling has inspired her to go after her own goals.


reading list

  • on my night table: I am embarrassed to post this since technically my night table should be in boxes right now, but a girl’s gotta read, right? I’ve shrunk my pile to two: Lab Girl and A Tangled Web.
  • on my 14-year-old’s night table: She’s got her Kindle because she actually packed up all her books. (She says she’s rereading Roald Dahl.)
  • on my 9-year-old’s night table: The Children of Noisy Village


at home

  • life: My husband is starting a school, and it almost makes me wish I were back in high school.
  • watching: The new season of The Flash is finally on Netflix. 
  • knitting: Still working on my adorable baby blanket for my adorable nephew-to-be!