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inside the current issue :: spring 2017



THE HSL GUIDE TO HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY :: Are you ready for high school chemistry? We’ve rounded up the best books, resources, and ideas to help you.

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR HOMESCHOOL BUDGET ::  Real-life-tested strategies to help you spend smarter and homeschool happier.

GET IT TOGETHER :: Our A-Z guide to organizing your homeschool life.



  • Ideas to learn more about World War I, the hero’s journey, bats, Frank Lloyd Wright, frogs, modern science-fiction, and more


  • YOU ASKED  Answers to your questions about catching up in math, dealing with test anxiety, and more
  • UN-CURRICULUM  How to turn a movie marathon into a comparative literature class
  • LIFE AFTER HOMESCHOOL  Our new column kicks off with a theater-kid unschooler turned environmental activist
  • SMART SCIENCE Tips for teaching the subjects we love to hate
  • ART START  Community art may be just what we need to make the world a better place
  • THE DAILY ROUTINE  When your dad’s a history prof, studying history calls for a thoughtful approach
  • RAISING JUNIOR WOODCHUCKS  Finding the right planner for a teen homeschooler is no simple task  
  • BALANCE  Are you stressed out or burned out? How to tell—and how to bring your homeschool back from the brink


  • FIELD TRIP  One family takes a walk on the wild side in the Florida Everglades


  • Step up your nature study game this spring