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When we think about learning, we tend to think about it in terms of finding answers, but intersectional homeschooling starts with asking better questions.
secular homeschool magazine
secular homeschool magazine
We all want to believe that there’s some magical life balance out there, but the truth is what you’ve always suspected: There’s no such thing as perfect balance. There’s just finding an un-balance that works for you.
secular homeschool magazine
secular homeschool magazine
Ultimately, our kids are the ones actually doing the learning. We can point the way, we can provide the resources, we can create the appropriate environment, but the learning their job — and it’s a job they do naturally when we stand back and give them the space.


CREATING AN INTERSECTIONAL CURRICULUM FOR YOUR HOMESCHOOL ::  What it looks like, how to do it, and why you should

ENJOY THE MOMENT ::  Practical ways to be more present — and ultimately, happier — in your everyday homeschool life


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  • READING LIST VACATIONS Let your favorite readaloud inspire a memorable family getaway from the Berkshires of the Penderwicks to Ramona’s Portland

  • THE BIG BANG A reading list for scientists of all ages

  • THE AGE OF THE SHOGUNS Explore feudal Japan

  • CINEMA STUDY The films of Alfred Hitchcock

  • HOMESCHOOL ROAD TRIP Visit the dark side of history at Andersonville National Historic Site

  • THE HOMESCHOOL DOCTOR How can I make my homeschool more creative? And more little tweaks that can help you get the homeschool you want

  • BIG QUESTIONS How much technology is too much?

  • WOMEN IN HISTORY Dolley Madison and her politics-shaping parties

  • FAMILY CAMPING Olympic National Park

  • BIOGRAPHY Explorer Roald Amundsen

  • HISTORY MILESTONES Following the Oregon Trail

  • WOMEN IN HISTORY The radical life of Helen Keller

  • NEW MOVIES The books to read with spring’s most anticipated movies and television

  • HISTORY TIMELINE The impeachment of Andrew Johnson


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  • Q&A My life has no balance, I don’t know when to end the school year, and more homeschool questions

  • LIFE AFTER HOMESCHOOL Jemma Abel takes flight

  • HOMESCHOOLING HIGH SCHOOL 6 tips to get your high school started right

  • THE WIMPY MOM’S GUIDE Starting an all-weather forest (un)school

  • THE DAILY ROUTINE Raising a young musician


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reading list

  • THE READALOUD DAY 52 weeks of world mythology readalouds

  • BOOK NEWS New takes on Jane Eyre and more

  • THE BOOK DOCTOR Where to start with Terry Pratchett and finding LGBTQ characters in middle grades lit

  • TRY THIS SPINE Alternatives for high school world history

  • NEW BOOKS 10 recent releases on our spring library list


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