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THIS IS WHAT HOMESCHOOLING LOOKS LIKE NOW :: The fourth wave of homeschooling is more diverse, tech-savvy, and individualized than ever before. Welcome to the world of secular homeschooling in 2018.

WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SOCIALIZATION :: It’s not about making friends; it’s all about the skills you need to navigate the academic and professional worlds.


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  • NATURE TIME Ideas for your winter nature walks
  • THE ESSENTIAL SHELLEY  The life and work of Mary Shelley
  • 3 WAYS  Teaching art history in your homeschool
  • CURRICULUM REVIEW  Build Your Library: 5th grade
  • 5 IDEAS  Ice volcanoes, Oscar parties, and more ideas for your winter homeschool
  • READING LIST Turn your attention to the life and work of Frederick Douglass
  • SCIENCE READING LIST  The laws of the universe
  • BIOGRAPHY George Washington Carver
  • LITERARY FIELD TRIP Edgar Allan Poe's Baltimore
  • COMMUNITY How to build the homeschool support network you really want
  • BOOK-MOVIE MATCH-UP  Books to read before you see the movie
  • FEEDING PEOPLE The magic of make-ahead breakfasts



  • YOU ASKED Why are homeschoolers so flaky? How can I make learning easier for my squirmy student? And more answers to your homeschool questions
  • BOOK NERD The books that got Suzanne through 2016
  • THE DAILY ROUTINE Shelli finds her elementary Spanish curriculum
  • HUNGRY MINDS Maggie gets dinner on the table
  • LIFE AFTER HOMESCHOOL Carrie chats with a homeschooler adjusting to life at a competitive four-year college
  • ART START Amy muses on the joys of making art at home together


reading list

  • BOOK Q&A  Globe-exploring books that let you take a vacation from cabin fever
  • BOOK SPOTLIGHT Young adult westerns
  • NEW BOOKS Start your winter reading list here
  • SPINE CHECK The History of the Ancient World
  • BESPOKE BOOK LIST Books about winter nature


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