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When there's a deal on a great book, we want you to know about it! Usually, we'll highlight Kindle books, just because they seem to have the best sales, but if there's a deal on a hard copy, we'll let you know about that, too. We will ONLY post sales for books someone on our staff has read and recommended (or, very occasionally, books that we really, really want to read but haven't gotten around to yet).



Heart of a Samurai
By Margi Preus

I'm always looking for books that illuminate non-Western culture and history, and this one (based on a true story) is terrific: 14-year-old Manjiro and the crew of his Japanese fishing ship are swept away by a freak storm and rescued by a U.S. ship in 1841. Manjiro is adopted by the ship's captain and returns with him to the States, where he (allegedly, anyway) becomes the first Japanese person to live in the United States, where he experiences both kindness and racism.


I'm always recommending this complex, subversive, feminist retelling of Paradise Lost to people—it's so great, and it should be more widely appreciated. So here's your chance: All three books in the series (including this one, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass) are bargain-priced at $1.99 each today.


Definitely a highlight of our U.S. History reading list this year, Brown's book is an illuminating look at the history of the west, not through the eyes of the intrepid pioneers but through the less-beautiful experiences of the native people who were displaced by westward expansion. It's a tough book but an important one—and an essential to any study of the pioneer experience, in my opinion.